let's get to know each other

My name is Marni Olivier

I'm a fine art wedding & portrait photographer, based in Pretoria, with 9 years experience in wedding photography. We also love to travel, and would love to capture your wedding in Europe. Prague is my favourite city and Croatia, Italy & Switzerland are THE most beautiful countries in terms of nature and scenery. I recently added film photography to my collection to achieve those dreamy colours and there is no better feeling than receiving those film scans back from the lab after a photo session.

Second Photographer and head of our fashion range

Fransie Stevens

My trustworthy assistant in most of the shoots is my amazing mother (Fransie). She has taught me everything I know and we share a love for baking, sewing, design work and basically anything creative. Fransie has many more talents and the list is simply too long to add here. One of them I must add is her ability to make friends INSTANTLY. She is my right-hand in the fashion department and you will most probably deal with her for any dress related inquiries.

At the end of the day I want us to have fun and to make it a memorable experience.

My goal is to create authentic images, capturing those special moments between loved ones or a specific milestone in your life.

I use natural light where possible and I strive to ensure that you feel comfortable in front of the camera by providing you with the necessary guidance in terms of posing and styling.